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Enhancing Manchester City Centre Development with High-Resolution Imagery and Aerial Video for Quantity Surveyors

Sky Scan Surveys|Manchester City Centre


In the ever-evolving construction and development landscape, precision, communication, and safety are paramount. This case study delves into our vital role in the Manchester City Centre Development project. Our mission was twofold: to provide crucial visual and cut and fill reports to for bi-weekly Progression Report. Notably, our goal was to empower quantity surveyors with the detailed imagery needed for precise certifications of completed works, ensuring that the project adhered to standards, timelines, and budgets. 

Client Overview:

Client: Developer
Centre Development Industry: Construction and Development
The Manchester City Centre Development project is a monumental urban endeavor, demanding meticulous attention to detail, rigorous safety protocols, and effective communication. Our involvement went beyond the standard project scope, encompassing a crucial role in supporting quantity surveyors. Recognizing the unique challenges posed by the project’s proximity to HMP Manchester, we committed ourselves to securing necessary permits, conducting comprehensive risk assessments, and ensuring that quantity surveyors had the essential visual resources at their disposal.


Our challenges encompassed several dimensions:

Safety and Compliance:

  • Strict adherence to security regulations and protocols was imperative given the project’s proximity to HMP Manchester.
  • Operating drones within this complex environment demanded thorough risk assessments and permits.

Effective Communication:

  • Productive discussions during bi-weekly progress meetings required top-notch visual aids capable of capturing the site’s complexity and ongoing changes.

Accurate Documentation:

  • Quantity surveyors relied on precise visual records and cut and fill measurements to certify the completion of construction work.
  • These records were fundamental in ensuring adherence to standards, efficient sign-offs, and successful project management.
Sky Scan Surveys|Manchester City Centre


Our solution was a fusion of cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to safety:

Technology Selection:

To capture high-resolution images, we deployed the Zenmuse P1 camera, a 45MP high-resolution powerhouse, mounted on our advanced M300 drone platform.
For comprehensive video coverage, we harnessed the DJI H20T camera, renowned for its exceptional video capabilities.

Safety Protocols:

Recognising the unique challenges presented by the project’s proximity to HMP Manchester, we initiated a comprehensive risk assessment.
We closely collaborated with correctional facility authorities to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations and security protocols.

Airspace Permissions:

To operate our drone safely within the constraints of airspace restrictions, we conducted a diligent NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) assessment, proactively securing the necessary airspace permissions.

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Sky Scan Surveys|Manchester City Centre


The execution of our solution followed a well-planned trajectory:

    • Our team, equipped with the Zenmuse P1 and DJI H20T cameras, commenced regular site visits and flyovers.
    • We meticulously captured high-resolution images and video footage, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the construction site.
    • These visual resources were then made readily available for bi-weekly progress meetings and on-site discussions with project managers.



Our efforts yielded remarkable outcomes: Exceptional Image and Video Quality: The Zenmuse P1’s 45MP high-resolution camera consistently delivered images of remarkable quality, even in intricate areas of the site. The DJI H20T camera provided exceptional video footage, capturing dynamic aspects of the construction site with meticulous detail. Improved Accuracy for Quantity Surveyors: High-resolution images and videos became invaluable tools for quantity surveyors, enhancing the precision of their assessments and certifications of completed works. This contributed significantly to the project’s success in adhering to standards, timelines, and budgets. Enhanced Communication and Timely Issue Resolution: The exceptional visual evidence provided by the high-resolution images and videos significantly improved communication among all project stakeholders. These resources served as common reference points during bi-weekly progress meetings, facilitating productive discussions and enabling informed decision-making. Incorporating high-resolution imagery into stakeholder meetings and managerial discussions played a pivotal role in keeping the project on track, promoting efficient collaboration, and ensuring that milestones and objectives were met. Our commitment to delivering outstanding visual aids, including the use of DJI H20T for videos and Zenmuse P1 for high-resolution imagery, was instrumental in the project’s overall success.


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