Commercial Drone Roof Asset Inspections

Safe, Efficient, Visual & Thermal Assessments
Sky Scan Surveys|Drone Roof Inspection

Sky Scan Surveys offers comprehensive commercial drone roof inspection services, redefining how you assess and manage your commercial assets and infrastructure. Our advanced drone technology, operated by skilled pilots, captures detailed high-resolution and thermal imagery and videos, ensuring precision and efficiency in every commercial drone roof inspection.

Drone roof inspections provide a safe and effective way to assess roof condition. By using drones for roof inspections, we minimise risks and maximise data accuracy.

Drone Roof Inspections | Fast, Accurate & Cost effective

Sky Scan Surveys|Drone Roof Inspection

Traditional roof inspection methods can be time-consuming, expensive, and dangerous. Inspectors often have to climb ladders or scaffolding to reach the roof, which can be risky and lead to accidents.

Sky Scan Surveys|Drone Roof Inspection

Imagine inspecting a large commercial roof. The building is several stories tall and has a complex roofline. Traditional inspection methods would require the inspectors to climb up and down ladders, use rope access, scaffolding or elevated platform multiple times, which is dangerous and time-consuming

Sky Scan Surveys|Drone Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspections offer a safe, efficient, and affordable way to inspect roofs of all types. Drones can quickly and easily fly over the roof, taking high-resolution images and videos of the entire surface area. This data can then be used to create a digital model or have high-resolution images available online so that anyone can identify defects/damage without the need to put the inspector at risk.

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Superior Data Capture

Drone inspections can utilize high-resolution (45mp) imagery, thermal imaging, and 3D modeling to comprehensively cover assets and identify defects and changes. This level of detail is essential for making informed decisions about maintenance and repairs.

Safety First

Drone inspections eliminate the need for personnel to work in dangerous conditions, such as heights or confined spaces, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. This is a top priority for any organization in the inspection industry.

Repeatable Inspections

With drone RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) technology and range finders, we can return to the same location and capture identical shots, allowing for precise comparative analysis and trend identification. This is important for monitoring the condition of assets over time and identifying potential problems early on.

Affordable Cost

Drone inspections are a cost-effective alternative to traditional inspection methods, such as rope access, elevated work platforms, or helicopters. This makes them a viable option for businesses of all sizes.

Sky Scan Surveys|Drone Roof Inspection

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  • Accessibility

  • Cost Savings

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Time Savings

  • Accurate Data

  • Faster Inspections

  • Enhanced Safety

  • Flexibility

  • Efficiency

  • High-Resolution Imagery and Data

Case Study

Transforming Asset Inspections: Beyond Roofs with Sky Scan Surveys


A leading infrastructure development company faced significant challenges in inspecting and assessing the structural integrity of their aging bridge assets. Traditional inspection methods involved costly and time-consuming manual assessments, often requiring personnel to work at heights and in confined spaces. These methods posed safety risks and were not always effective in identifying hidden defects.


Seeking innovative solutions to improve safety and efficiency. The objective was to conduct comprehensive aerial surveys and structural assessments of their bridge assets.


Sky Scan Surveys deployed their team of qualified drone pilots equipped with state-of-the-art drone technology. The drones were equipped with obstacle avoidance capabilities, enabling them to navigate close to structures while capturing high-resolution imagery and video footage.

Results: The drone inspection delivered significant benefits, including enhanced safety, time and cost savings, comprehensive data, and improved decision-making.

We offer advanced Aerial Drone Inspection Services that enhance safety and efficiency in asset inspections. Our skilled pilots operate high-resolution and thermal imagery-equipped drones, providing comprehensive data for informed decision-making, all while eliminating the need for risky manual inspections.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aerial drone inspection is a method of inspecting assets and infrastructure using drones equipped with cameras and sensors. It allows for safer, more efficient, and cost-effective inspections from the air.

Drone inspections eliminate the need for personnel to work at heights or in confined spaces, reducing safety risks associated with traditional inspection methods.

Yes, drone inspections are cost-effective as they do not require elevated work platforms or helicopters, and they save time compared to manual inspections.

3D modeling allows for a better understanding of asset conditions and helps identify potential issues through a comprehensive visual representation.

Yes, drones equipped with thermal cameras can capture thermal imagery for various applications, including building and powerline health checks.

Yes, our cloud platform delivers real-time inspection results to stakeholders for immediate access to critical information.

Repeatable inspections using drones with RTK GPS and range finders ensure consistent data collection for accurate trend analysis and decision-making.

Yes, we have operational authority from the relevant aviation authorities, ensuring compliance with regulations and safety standards.

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