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What Is A Drone Survey

Drone surveying offers an cost efficient option compared to, on the ground techniques. At Sky Scan Surveys we utilise drones equipped with high-end sensors, LiDAR technology and thermal imaging to gather data from hard to reach areas. Our adaptable drone surveying approach excels in conditions, like dim lighting and dense vegetation.

This cutting edge technology seamlessly merges with surveying instruments offering an intricate view of the surveyed area. Whether you require mapping, land surveys, environmental monitoring, construction planning or drone roof inspections our drone surveys provide precise outcomes.

What problems drone surveys solve?

  • Advanced integration with other technologies
  • Real-time communication and data sharing
  • Ability to map large areas quickly
  • Different sizes of drones to fit any project scale

What are the benefits of a drone survey?

  • Reaching difficult or dangerous locations
  • Reducing health and safety risks
  • Cutting traffic management costs
  • Improving efficiency
  • Inspecting ageing infrastructure

How accurate are drone surveys data?

High-quality drone surveys from Sky Scan Surveys can achieve accuracies of around +/- 20mm. 

How Drone Surveys and Roof Inspections Elevate Success

Faster Data collection

Drones swiftly collect accurate, geo-tagged data, utilising advanced photogrammetry and LiDAR for streamlined processing and standardised outputs just as Point Clouds, DWG, CAD, Orthomosaics, 3D Models and more

Cost Efficiency

Drone Surveying reduces the costs associated with traditional surveying methods, such as manual measurements, ground teams, drone Land surveys require fewer resources and can cover large areas quickly

High Precision and Accuracy

Advanced drone technology, including RTK, LiDAR, Ground Targets and High-Resolution cameras, ensures precise data collection. This accuracy is crucial for detailed mapping, measurements, and analysis in surveying projects. Accuracy from 15mm - 50mm depending on method

Drone surveys and roof inspections

Complete Cover on Drone Surveys & Roof Inspections

Rely on the expertise of the professionals, at Sky Scan Surveys for all your drone  surveys and roof inspections. Feel completely assured with our safety measures and guarantees.

Our team consists of commercial drone pilots certified by CAA ensuring top notch safety protocols. Each pilot is covered by £1 million in professional indemnity insurance and an additional £5 million in public liability insurance specifically designed for land and building surveying.

At Sky Scan Surveys it’s not just about a drone survey. It’s, about a partnership focused on safety and delivering results.

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Drone Survey and Inspection - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Drone Survey?

    Drone surveys use UAVs with high-resolution sensors (RGB, multispectral, LIDAR) to capture aerial data for mapping, land surveying, and more. They offer quick, accurate results, ideal for hard-to-reach areas.

  • How much does a drone survey cost in the UK?

    Costs vary: £699 for commercial roof inspections, £600 for construction site surveys, and £2000 for Drone Land Surveys (LiDAR). Prices can range depending on the type and complexity of the survey

  • Are drone surveys accurate?

    Drone survey accuracy (how close measurements are to real-world values) varies depending on factors like drone type, camera quality, and flight height. Commercial drones achieve high accuracy (within 0.5cm – 2cm), while consumer drones may be less accurate (around 5m).

  • Are drones good for roof inspections?

    Yes, drones are highly effective for roof inspections, offering benefits such as cost efficiency, faster assessments, and improved safety. They provide detailed views of roofing systems and materials, aiding in the early detection of issues before they escalate.

  • How much does drone mapping service cost?

    Drone surveying costs vary depending on project size, but it's generally more cost-effective than traditional methods. This is due to lower operational expenses associated with ground-based equipment.

  • How can drone surveying services save me time and money?

    Drones reduce the need for physical manpower and can complete surveys more quickly, saving both time and money

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