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Accurate, Efficient, and Safe Site Surveys
Sky Scan Surveys|volumetrics, cut and fill

Sky Scan Surveys is a leading innovator in construction and earthworks, utilising cutting-edge drone technology to boost efficiency, safety, and accuracy. Traditional methods often fall short in terms of speed, precision, and worker safety. Here at Sky Scan Surveys, we leverage drones to transform project management, delivering:

  • Rapid data collection and precise measurements: Track progress, make informed decisions, and allocate resources effectively with real-time insights.
  • Volumetric analysis: Gain accurate measurements of stockpiles, excavations, and earthworks, enabling precise calculations of cut and fill quantities.
  • Reduced errors and costs: Eliminate manual measurement errors and minimise rework with highly accurate data, saving both time and money.
  • Enhanced safety: Reduce risks associated with manual surveying by employing aerial data collection with drones.
  • Frequent reports and topographic maps: Stay informed and on track with clear, actionable data presented in reports and detailed topographic maps.

From monitoring progress to calculating cut and fill volumes, Sky Scan Surveys is your partner in revolutionising construction and earthworks. Contact us today to see how we can transform your project!

Efficient, Accurate & Modern Solutions

Sky Scan Surveys|volumetrics, cut and fill

Traditional earthwork surveys are time-consuming, inaccurate, and unsafe.

Sky Scan Surveys|volumetrics, cut and fill

Manual surveys can take days or even weeks to complete, and are prone to errors. This can lead to costly delays and rework.

Sky Scan Surveys|volumetrics, cut and fill

Drone earthworks surveys provide accurate and up-to-date data in a matter of hours. This data can be used to improve project management, reduce costs, and enhance safety.

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Faster and more efficient surveys

Drones can survey large areas in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.

Greater accuracy

Drone surveys are more accurate than traditional methods, with a margin of error of less than 1%.

Improved safety

Drones eliminate the need for surveyors to enter hazardous areas.

Sky Scan Surveys|volumetrics, cut and fill

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Services & Features

  • Drone Earthworks Surveys

  • Stockpile Management

  • Cut & Fill Analysis

  • Progress Monitoring

  • As-built Documentation

  • Asset Inspection

  • Case Studies

Case Study

Montcliffe Quarry, Horwich, Greater Manchester


The challenge at hand was to modernise quarry management while ensuring safety, particularly in the context of a hazardous cliff that made traditional surveying methods risky and inadequate. The quarry sought a solution to optimize operations and improve overall efficiency.


To address this challenge, the quarry adopted drone-based surveying techniques. This innovative approach aimed to conduct comprehensive aerial surveys of the quarry, covering various aspects such as assessing the cliff’s fall hazard, stockpile assessments, and grade plans. The primary objective was to enhance safety, efficiency, and data accuracy in quarry management.


The transition to drone-based surveying was seamlessly executed. A significant advantage was the ability to launch the drones from a safe location, enabling surveys of the cliff and the entire site from up to 50 meters above ground. This transition was underpinned by three key aspects:

Drone earthworks surveys are a powerful tool for improving the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of construction projects. By using drones to collect data, construction companies can save time and money, reduce risks, and improve the quality of their projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drone earthworks surveys are typically accurate to within 1%. This is due to the advanced sensors and software that are used to collect and process the data.

The cost of drone earthworks surveys varies depending on the size and complexity of the site, but it is typically much less than the cost of traditional surveys.

Absolutely, we provide detailed PDF reports summarizing the analysis conducted with the drone-collected data, making it easy for you to review and share project insights.

Yes, the data collected by drones is securely stored on the cloud, allowing for convenient access from anywhere. Alternatively, a link can be provided to access the full data file.

Yes, drones offer a comprehensive bird's-eye view of the construction site, which is invaluable for progress monitoring and project meetings. This perspective provides a clear overview of the entire site's status and facilitates effective decision-making during project discussions and progression meetings.

Drone surveys can be completed in a matter of hours, even for large and complex sites. For example, a 100-acre site can be surveyed in a single day.

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