Barrow Bridge Chimney Inspection

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Bridge inspections are a critical aspect of infrastructure maintenance and safety.

Sky Scan Surveys|Barrow Bridge Chimney Inspection


Bridge inspections are a critical aspect of infrastructure maintenance and safety. Our client, a prominent Infrastructure Development Company, faced significant challenges in ensuring the structural integrity of their aging bridge assets. Traditional inspection methods were both time-consuming and hazardous for personnel, often involving precarious work at heights and in confined spaces. These methods also had limitations in identifying hidden defects, raising concerns about bridge safety and longevity. The purpose of this case study is to illustrate how innovative drone technology, specifically the DJI H20T camera, revolutionized bridge inspections, enhancing safety and efficiency.

Client Overview:

Client: Infrastructure Development Company
Industry: Infrastructure and Construction
Our client, an industry leader in infrastructure development, is committed to safety, efficiency, and the preservation of structural integrity. Recognizing the pressing need for safer and more efficient bridge inspections, they sought innovative solutions.


The Infrastructure Development Company faced several critical challenges:

Safety at Heights: Traditional bridge inspections required personnel to work at considerable heights, exposing them to safety hazards and potential accidents.

Railway Constraints: The location of some bridges presented unique challenges due to the proximity of railway tracks. Elevated platforms or inspections during railway downtime were needed, adding complexity and potential costs.

Inadequate Inspection Efficacy: Manual inspections often failed to identify hidden defects and structural issues, jeopardizing bridge safety and longevity.

Sky Scan Surveys|Barrow Bridge Chimney Inspection


To overcome these challenges, the Infrastructure Development Company pursued innovative solutions:

Leveraging Aerial Surveys and Structural Assessments:

The primary objective was to conduct comprehensive aerial surveys and structural assessments of their bridge assets to ensure both safety and structural integrity.

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Sky Scan Surveys|Barrow Bridge Chimney Inspection


To achieve this goal, the Infrastructure Development Company partnered with Sky Scan Surveys, a renowned expert in drone technology and aerial surveys. This collaboration involved deploying a team of certified drone pilots equipped with state-of-the-art drone technology, specifically the DJI H20T camera. These advanced drones featured obstacle avoidance capabilities, allowing them to maneuver closely to structures while capturing high-resolution imagery and video footage.

Key Aspects of the Drone Inspection:

Defect Identification: The drones provided an up-close view of challenging-to-reach areas, facilitating the identification of defects such as wear and tear, faulty joints, and other issues that could compromise the bridge’s stability.

Structural Integrity Analysis: The drones meticulously collected data on the bridges’ structural components, including beams, columns, and support structures. The high-definition imagery empowered engineers to scrutinize potential cracks, corrosion, or signs of deterioration with precision.


The drone inspection yielded substantial benefits:

Enhanced Safety: By eliminating the need for personnel to work at heights or in confined spaces, the drone inspections drastically reduced safety risks and potential accidents.

Time and Cost Savings: The drone inspection process significantly expedited the assessment timeline. What traditionally took weeks for manual inspections was accomplished in a matter of days. These time savings translated into cost savings and minimized construction project downtime.

Comprehensive Data: The high-resolution imagery and video footage provided comprehensive data, empowering the engineering team to devise effective maintenance and repair strategies.

Improved Decision-Making: Real-time access to construction progress via virtual walk arounds enabled project managers to make timely, informed decisions, fostering enhanced project coordination and efficient resource allocation.



By embracing drone technology, we successfully addressed the challenges of inspecting the Barrow Bridge Chimney while reaping numerous benefits. This case study demonstrates the power of drone technology in enhancing safety, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making within the infrastructure development industry.


The following deliverables were provided to the client: High-Resolution Imagery and Video Footage: Formats: JPEG, TIFF, MP4. 3D Point Clouds 3D Modeo .Obj Usage: Detailed models of the bridge for structural analysis and maintenance planning.


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