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Sky Scan Surveys is your trusted partner for exceptional drone CAD services, leveraging cutting-edge drone technology and experienced professionals. We deliver high-quality results, including DWGs, Revit models, point clouds, contour maps, site plans, and more. Our meticulous approach, using top-tier drone technology and state-of-the-art equipment, ensures every project benefits from precision and efficiency.

Our comprehensive drone CAD services go beyond traditional drafting methods. We utilise advanced techniques like photogrammetry and LiDAR to generate intricate 3D models/ point clouds quickly and accurately. These models are seamlessly integrated into CAD software, allowing us to create the deliverables you require, from site plans and building layouts to existing road layouts and As-Built Models. With RTK drone technology, we can achieve centimeter-level accuracy (35mm) and even greater precision (20mm) through hybrid surveys that combine drone data with traditional ground measurements.

We champion streamlined workflows, prioritise enhanced safety measures, and deliver cost-effective drone CAD solutions tailored to projects of all scales and complexities.

Experience the Advantages of Drone CAD Services

Sky Scan Surveys|CAD Services

Traditional CAD services and topographic methods, particularly in large or difficult-to-reach areas, are often time-consuming, inefficient, and tedious. Embracing modern drone CAD services revolutionises this process, streamlining data collection and enhancing accuracy.

Sky Scan Surveys|CAD Services

Take flight and map your entire site with stunning 3D models and precise maps using our state-of-the-art drone-powered CAD services. Drone CAD services offer a modern, faster, and more detailed solution to the problems of traditional surveying methods. This advanced technology provides seamless CAD deliverables for effortless design integration, ensuring every detail is captured with high precision.

Sky Scan Surveys|CAD Services

Imagine the time and resources saved, the accuracy gained, and the peace of mind in knowing your project starts on solid ground. Our drone CAD services enable you to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and optimize project workflows. By leveraging cutting-edge drone technology and skilled professionals, Sky Scan Surveys transforms how you approach CAD services, delivering reliable and efficient results for projects of all scales and complexities.


Precision Mapping with Drone CAD Services

Achieve centimeter-level accuracy with our drone CAD services, ensuring data you can trust for informed decision-making. Precision mapping is essential for reliable and accurate survey results.

Efficient Data Collection with Drone CAD Services

Save time and resources by swiftly capturing extensive survey data with our drone CAD services, streamlining project assessments.

Inaccessible Area Reach with Drone CAD Services

Effortlessly access challenging or remote locations with our drone CAD services, expanding the scope of surveying possibilities.

Enhanced Safety with Drone CAD Services

Monitor project progress remotely with our drone CAD services, reducing on-site risks and enhancing safety measures.

Cost-Efficiency with Drone CAD Services

Optimize resource allocation and reduce operational costs with our high-resolution drone CAD services.

Sky Scan Surveys|CAD Services

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