I have seen firsthand the challenges that engineers, and construction managers face when it comes to gathering the information they need.

Why Us

At Sky Scan Surveys, we pride ourselves on being a team of CAA-certified commercial drone pilots with extensive training and experience in SURVEYING and post-processing aerial data. Our collective commitment is to deliver the highest quality services to our clients. We hold qualifications that ensure top-notch safety, professionalism, and accuracy in all of our work.

Sky Scan Surveys stands at the forefront of the aerial data solutions industry. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including precise aerial surveys, meticulous inspections, and high-resolution progress monitoring. Our suite of services provides our clients with an unparalleled depth of information, all while eliminating the hassles and costs associated with traditional data collection methods. 

What truly sets Sky Scan Surveys apart is the transformative impact our services have on our clients’ projects. We don’t just deliver data; we provide actionable insights that drive informed decisions. We assist our clients in saving time, improving efficiency, and making better decisions.

Sky Scan Surveys is the trusted choice for businesses of all sizes. We take pride in partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

Sky Scan Surveys|About

Our Story - Sky Scan Surveys

Founded by a team with extensive experience in engineering, CAD drafting, and Revit modeling, Sky Scan Surveys was established to address the complex challenges faced by the construction and engineering industries. With years of experience in various fields, we aimed to create a dynamic synergy between precision and innovation

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet profound: to provide our clients with the most accurate and actionable data, enabling them to make informed decisions that drive their projects to success. We value precision, safety, and efficiency above all else.

Our Team

Our team comprises seasoned professionals, each with a unique set of skills and expertise, ensuring that we can provide comprehensive solutions for your project needs.

Paul Harty


Beatrice Becker

BIM Modeler - Construction Simulations

Bilal Hussain

CAD Draftsman

David Newman

Mechanical Engineer: PhD

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